Regulation – English

The money raised with the inscriptions will go entirely to a project in favor of TRASPLANTCHILD

What is a VIRTUAL career?

It is an individual experience, which is shared collectively and synchronized. This is thanks to the geolocation and synchronization APP technology of all its participants. Your mobile will be the CHIP. The procedure is similar to that of a conventional race, but this time you receive your bib via email, along with a participation code for the APP. The race is held for a period of time, in this case between July 8 and 12, during that period the participant must access the APP, select the distance and complete it by the route that each one chooses in their city; once the tour is over and with internet access (not necessarily at the end, but can be quietly at home with wifi access), the APP sends the information of the time spent sharing the result with which you participate.

Deadline to complete the race:

From 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 8, until 23:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 12, 2020. Attention because outside of this period it will not be possible to share results in the event even if the race has been carried out within the established period .

Route and distance:

Options of selectable distances in the App, 5 and 10km.

Each participant will be able to choose their own route to take the test in their place of residence, looking for neutral altimetries to find a level playing field between all the participants. Said route and selected distance will be within the limits established by the competent Government for the prevention of Covid19. Also, please take special care with the safety distance recommended by Health.


They will be from June 1, 2020. The registration fee is from € 5, VAT included, and can be formalized on the web .

APP download:

The registered runner must download the App to take the test, from July 6. From that moment on, the user with his registration code will be able to use the App in Test / Training format. Only one attempt made between July 8-12 will be valid.

The App requires access to geolocation data in order to quantify the distance and time spent traveling it. The geolocation information is not stored or used for any purpose other than to know the distances traveled. Only the information of the time spent is sent to the platform for the conformation of the test classifications.


The organization of the competition is empowered to withdraw during the test the athlete who exhibits non-sports behavior. The early stages will be investigated to ensure that they are not done in any way other than running (only for tests that are rated).


There will be a classification by categories and distinguishing male and female, as well as by Autonomous Communities. The results will be published on the official website the day after the test. There will be no award according to classification.


Being a Virtual test, there will be no trophies. But the first 3 classified in each category will have free registration for the next race.

-Each runner will participate under their own responsibility, affirms to possess a sufficient level of physical condition to face the race and agrees to strictly accept these regulations.

-Runners who are not registered or run without the App will not be admitted.

Acceptance, disclaimer and data protection:

Participants, by registering freely and voluntarily, declare that they know and fully accept these Regulations. In case of doubt or if any situation not reflected in it arises, what the organization has to do shall prevail.

By simply registering, the participant declares that: “I am in optimal health to participate in the” VIRTUAL SOLIDARITY CAREER MADRID IS MOVING FOR THE CHILD TRANSPLANT. ” In addition, I exempt the organization, sponsors or other participating institutions from any responsibility for any accident or injury that they may suffer before, during and / or after the sporting event, renouncing any legal action against any of said entities.

During the development of the test I will contribute as much as possible with the organization, to avoid personal accidents. Exclusively, I also authorize the organization to make advertising use of photos, videos and names in the classification of the test, in the media and / or the Internet, without expecting payment, compensation or retribution for this concept, with character timeless.

Personal Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy .


Once the registration has been completed, the registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Claims regarding classification must be made to the Organization. The decisions of the Organizing Committee, in relation to the claims raised, will be irrevocable.